ABOUT So Oakland


Oakland Indie Award nominee for Social Change, Shayla “ShaylaBang” Jamerson is an Oakland native who is developing a positive movement to bring the Oakland she grew up in, into the future. ShaylaBang is a visionary and an activist. She created SoOAKLAND for like-minded people who live in the town and love Oakland. Her events are for young professionals, artists, activists, taste makers, and the fashion conscious to congregate and experience positive community.  

Oakland has transformed in the last ten years, in some positive and some negative ways. The rent has sky-rocketed, leaving original Oakland residents feeling displaced and creating rapid gentrification. Oakland violence has also affected many of the wonderful events ShaylaBang grew up on, like Festival of the Lake. So ever mindful of the changes in the city she loves, ShaylaBang has conceptualized not only the kind of event she wants to still attend, but went a step further and started producing them. ShayaBang has joined forces with some other amzing, Tiffany Silas(Director of Operations ), Haley Arterberry(Assistant Community Outreach Coordinator)

We have to hold on to the culture that made the city of Oakland beautiful from the beginning. Our way of showing you is through old ways of celebrating...block parties, networking socials,community festivals, group outings, community outreach, music, and community growth.
says ShaylaBang.